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April Level Up Awards

May 10th, 2018

By: Wes Ehrlichman

April showers brought five applicants level up awards! If you see your name in the list below, you’re eligible for a sticker book to track your progress throughout the year. Pick it up at the Game Dev DrinkUp on May 10 at Orbit Pinball Lounge. If you didn’t apply this month, be sure to do it early next month.

Enough of that. Let’s award some people!

Steady Worker

 Steady Worker

Ideas without work are just ideas

Put in 15 or more hours into working on game development activities.

  • David Song – Met up twice a week to work with the team for a full day on Bunny Beats. Between meetup sessions, coordinated remotely on menus and art assets, using version control and a spreadsheet to keep track of things to do. David also did music composition and production for the game outside programming time. What a powerhouse!
  • Yi Zhu – Designed cards and the combat system for an upcoming game. In addition, wrote the scenarios and text for the story missions/quests. He has also picked up C# and Unity to be able to implement in-engine directly.
  • Jenny Gibbons – Worked full-time throughout the month on Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament in Unreal Engine 4
  • Malcom Pierce – Adding scenes to Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament, fixed bugs, wrote side scenes
  • Will Summers – Added new objects to Flip It


Artisan Award


There is always a first time

Learn a new skill!

  • Yi Zhu – By learning C# and beginner Unity, Yi has been implementing directly in-game now, saving the team a lot of time and management
  • Jenny Gibbons – Re-trained herself to use skins in Spine for animations in Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament
  • Will Summers – Upgraded equipment to improve workflow

Show ‘n Tell

Jenny: Spine animations for Echoes of the Fay

Will: New Rig!


Hype Maker


Give the Gospel of your Great Game

Advertise, educate, and engage your audience, somehow!


Active Listener

 Active Listener

Sometimes it takes another to know yourself

Get feedback on your game, through having others playtest your game, or showcasing your game


  • Will Summers – Friends tested his game and he added advertisements for his other apps to Flip It in order to showcase them as well



It would be selfish to keep this all inside

Help others learn game development through guided learning


There were no Mentorship awards this month. C’mon everyone, step it up this summer!


Dev Guru

 Dev Guru

The sum of activities make the experience, but what makes up an activity?

Add 10 minutes or so of gameplay to your game

  • Jenny Gibbons – Added a lot of new content and bug fixes to Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament in the form of side quests and revamped scenes. Put a lot of work into programming the Codex system, which unlocks game lore the players can spend time reading
  • Malcolm Pierce – Added another minigame stage and the codex system to Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament
  • Will Summers – Three new objects, including Ketchup!

Show ‘n Tell

Jenny and Malcolm’s Codex for Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament

Will’s three new objects. Admire the Ketchup!


That’s it for April!  Work on a game over the month of May and apply early June to get your award! And don’t forget to come to the elections next week!

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