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March Level-Up Awards

April 12th, 2018

By: xrabohrok

March, this time around, saw nine applicants receive a level up award!  Like last time, recipients are eligible for a sticker book to track your progress throughout the year.  You can pick up the sticker book at the Drink ‘n Draw every second Thursday of the month at the Orbits Pinball Lounge.

Now, onto the awards!

Steady Worker

 Steady Worker

Ideas without work are just ideas

Put in 15 or more hours into working on game development activities.

  • Amanda Baker – Working with Westin for the Sprites on a swarm game
  • Westin Breger – Working with Amanda to work on a swarm game
  • Tim Concievable – working on a robot game
  • Ben(“Jammin”) Cook – working on “Where’s Baby”, destructable stuff, and two player gameplay
  • Jenny Gibbons – Working on new content for “Echoes of the Fey”, along with finishing touches
  • Bryan Manyard – Rebuilding “Jumpy McRunface”
  • Malcom Pierce – Working on new content for “Echoes of the Fey”, along with finishing touches
  • Will Summers – finishing touches on a game for iOS release


Artisan Award


There is always a first time

Learn a new skill!

  • Amanda Baker – Making Unity “Smart Materials”
  • Westin Breger – Multithreading with Unity, Zbrush
  • Tim Concievable – Pyxel Editor
  • Jenny Gibbons – new shading and coloring techniques
  • Bryan Manyard – “realtime complex geometry”
  • Malcom Pierce – Substance Designer for use with Unreal 4
  • Will Summers – Camera control

Show ‘n Tell

Westin: New version of Zbrush, new things to lose sleep over



Jenny: working on new shading and coloring techniques


Bryan: working on what looks to be procedurally created levels?


Hype Maker


Give the Gospel of your Great Game

Advertise, educate, and engage your audience, somehow!



Active Listener

 Active Listener

Sometimes it takes another to know yourself

Get feedback on your game, through having others playtest your game, or showcasing your game




It would be selfish to keep this all inside

Help others learn game development through guided learning


Just one, Malcom Pierce, who teaches a class at Lindenwood University on game design.


Keep it up!


Dev Guru

 Dev Guru

The sum of activities make the experience, but what makes up an activity?

Add 10 minutes or so of gameplay to your game

  • Westin Breger – The swarm game mentioned before now has guys running around
  • Jenny Gibbons – New Scenes for “Echoes of the Fey”
  • Bryan Manyard – Rebuilding “Jumpy McRunface”
  • Malcom Pierce – finishing scripting for “Echoes of the Fey”
  • Will Summers – Two new objects


Show ‘n Tell


Westin: Look at ‘em go! (click!)



Jenny: Some intense, final boss looking screens from “Echoes of the Fey”



Bryan: Another view of the procedural levels




Malcom: polishing “Echoes of the Fey”



Will: Store screen improvements (“NEW!”)



And that wraps it up for this month, the month of March!  Any Coop member is encouraged to apply for the awards which are handed out at the Drink Up of every month (2nd Thursday!).  


See you next month!

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