The St. Louis Game Developer Co-op provides support, resources, and events for game creators in St. Louis, Missouri

How do I get started in game development?

The best way to start is by diving in headfirst; there is no time like now to start making games. We’ve provided a short list of resources here to help you get started, but that’s just one step of the process.
Attend local game developer events and network with the community. Building a network of peers and mentors will inspire and encourage you more than you expect. You can find a list of upcoming events here.
Attend the various Game Jams held throughout the year (more info at and ). At Game Jams, people from all skill levels and abilities come together to make a game within 48 hours; it’s a great way to get started, and an even better way to get a sense of the local game development scene.
You can also get involved with the local game dev conversation on our St. Louis Game Developer Co-op Facebook group.
The St. Louis Game Developer Co-op is a social and professional organization organized as a Missouri non-profit corporation under R.S.Mo., Chapter 355. We are not a legal cooperative.